This article we only focus on Email OSINT, after the read you can know various kind of Email OSNIT techniques.

Table of Content:

  • Google Dorks to find a someone Email:
  • Ghunt to find all info about user:
  • Username to find Social Media Account:
  • Email in Data Breach:
  • for Business Mails:
  • Email Reputed:
  • Verify the Email:
  • Gmail Sync:
  • Track the Emails.

Google Dorks to find a someone Email:

Google dorks give less result compare to others , but its good place to start our osint .

From Linkedin:

intext:”” saravana

From Facebook

Other Dorks:


intext:”” filetype:pdf

Ghunt to find all info about user:

After configure the ghunt, now we can check the gmail.

Now we can find much information about the user, now we know the profile of the user and exact location and Youtube channel of the user.

Username to find Social Media Account:

Like username is saravana101. We can search the account using username.


But the same name is used by more user we can use more specific username to enumerate the user like fastname.lastname.

Email in Data Breach :

If we found the email in data breach. We can find which service has used by victim & if we can download the data breach from leaked database , we can get more information about the user.

We can know this email is used by services  sites . for Business Mails:

We can find company users mail from that’s great tool to enumerate company employee email .

we can now see 326 mails are there .

Most of the email are like first.lastname@comapny-name so we can get the username here. After getting username we can use sherlock to find social media associate with a mail

After login you can get more details.

Phonebook is great tool for email OSINT, Its gives bunch of email some times false positive there so check if the emails are work or not using email verifier.

Email Reputed:

We can find age of the email & if the email is used in any social media accounts it will show up.

reputation : low so the email not so popular

Verify the Email:

Fake mail:

Valid email:

Email Sync:

Gmail has sync the mail for login ,

If it’s asked for password, now we know this email is valid .

Twitter Mail Sync:

Create a account with that email ,

Its shows email exist so the email is used in twitter .

Amazon Email Sync:

In amazon also have email sync , now we can know the email is exist in amazon account.

More platforms use same sync mechanism.

Track the Emails:

We can track our email, if it’s read or not and when is read, and we can get some juicy information about the receiver ip address, some of the cased its gives provider ip (like google), incase receiver using mailer we can get the details about that.

Let’s create our track mail

after signup & verify the mail


1. To start tracking your emails, add at the end of the To email address to activate tracking. This suffix will not be visible to the recipient and he/she will not know if the email is being tracked.


Scott David <>

2. To and From Email addresses should NOT be same, i.e. do not send a tracked email to the same email address from which you are sending.

Go to outbox and see status of the email.

We get more details

Its show me when it’s open and which application to open & location and ISP .




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